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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin


We want to involve you in understanding our dramatically changing planet in a completely new way.
We were selected for the prestigious Sheffield Documentary Festival / Interactive Crossover Program, 2015, out of 100s of submissions worldwide!. We hope you’ll help us make our next steps happen!





We’re creating an interactive drama, one that you’re in because you are the news, this is about you. Climate change is going to effect all of us and your mobile will help tell this story. Our informants, world leading scientists and global experts will all be part of this living drama. Conspiracy theorists will intrude to make you question everything. Characters will play out the catastrophes we are all facing. The planet is 70% blue of which 40% is dead. The Arctic is melting and sea levels are rising fast. We’re running out of land, food and water yet world population is booming. Hurricanes, heatwaves, tsunamis, failed crops are coming harder and faster. This is your real world.

Mermology will be connected to your mobile so you can respond to real world, climate events. From your mobile you can live stream news, post photographic evidence, read tweets from characters, find clues on instagram, read leaked blogs from world leading scientists, receive vlogs from conspiracy theorists. You can push the plot, discover sub plots, see what you do know, learn what you don’t know, believe it, unbelieve it, deny it, face it, question it – live it. We’re on Indiegogo too and you can take part as sharers, carers or participants! Please take a look!



War, famine, fatal epidemic diseases… directly to you.





This is ‘A list’ Hollywood’s new climate change series ‘Years of Living Dangerously’ meets an interactive X Files. is a serialised, non linear, mobile connected drama involving real people, real scientists and real events. This is a living story world in which the planet fights back; it’s the unanticipated war that has been staring us all in the face.


Get involved with the characters,

                       Get involved with the plot,

                              Get involved with your real world.


I believe that the pervasive and accelerating human transformation of Earth’s natural systems will drive the most extensive humanitarian challenges of this century.”

Dr. Samuel S. Myers, MD, MPH, Harvard University.


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